It seems that today many believers are recognizing the need to get outside the “Christian Bubble.”  They have realized that the “bubble” has made Christianity appear more like a club to join than a people in partnership with God on His redemptive plan.  Recognizing the need and taking action, however, are very different matters.  Many know they need to get outside of the “bubble” but they simply don’t know how.  Here are a few ideas on how to start building relationships outside the Christian community.

Introduce Yourself

Before you laugh at this suggestions, think about it.  How often do students walk into class at the start of the semester and either look for a Christian friend to sit next to or follow the strange classroom etiquette of leaving one chair between you and the stranger you sit next to?  When you show up at a party do you cluster with the people you know or do you walk up to someone you have never met.  Introducing yourself is the first and easiest step to starting a relationship. Bill Hybels book Just Walk Across The Room does a fantastic job explaining how powerful your impact can be by simply walking across the room to meet people.

Accept Invitations

Often after you meet new people and have multiple conversations, they will likely extend an invitation to you.  You will be invited to a party, to study, to have lunch, to watch a game etc.  When invited, rearrange your plans so that you can attend, especially the first time you are invited.  If you already have plans to be with your Christian friends at that time, cancel those plans.  It’s a big deal if that they are inviting you into their world.  Ask you can bring a friend, and accept the invitation.

Extend Invitations

Sometimes the new people you’re meeting may never invite you into their world.  If not, invite them into yours.  I don’t mean invite them to church.  Invite them over for dinner, to study, to watch a game, to play ultimate frisbee,  to play music, etc.  While it is better to join new friends on “their turf,” inviting them to meet your friends is a great idea too.  Whenever you and your believing friends are going out to do something, think of new friends that you could invite.