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The Campus Renewal Magazine features stories about what God is doing on college campuses across the nation. Through these stories, we aim to encourage and inspire more people to participate in or start united movements, and reach every student with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Campus-Wide Unity

Missional Communities


Missional Community Practice #8

For several weeks I have been writing about the eight practices of missional communities, what Campus Renewal Ministries calls “Spark Groups.”  These eight practices are described with greater detail in CRM’s Spark Course, which trains missional community leaders. Reproduce Spark Groups The final…

Beyond Campus


Teach A Man How To Fish

This past June I was traveling through Mizzoula, Montana with the desire to go fishing. Mizzoula, Montana has always been in my mind the perfect place to go fishing.  I think this idea came from the movie “A River Runs…

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