Our Vision: Catalyzing United Movements for Christ


 The mission of Campus Renewal is to create and catalyze united movements that transform college campuses for Christ.  By bringing students, campus ministries, and local churches together in prayer and evangelism, we strengthen the influence of the Body of Christ on campus.
What does it take to transform a campus? It starts here.


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the voice of God

The Voice of God

“God spoke to nothing and created something, He spoke to chaos and it became order, He spoke to darkness and it became a light.” AW Tozer. I look back at Biblical characters, theologians, and heroes of the faith and find they have…

5 keys to mc movement

5 Keys to Building a Missional Community Movement

For about the last fifteen years, I have worked to develop a campus-wide missional community movement at the University of Texas.  While we’re still far away from our goal of planting missional communities in every college, club, residence, and culture…


Revival at William & Mary

The College of William & Mary was chartered in 1693 and has rich history embedded within its well-worn brick pathways and aged brick buildings. It is said that students who go to William & Mary enter in with aspirations of…