Our Vision: Catalyzing United Movements for Christ


 The mission of Campus Renewal is to create and catalyze united movements that transform college campuses for Christ.  By bringing students, campus ministries, and local churches together in prayer and evangelism, we strengthen the influence of the Body of Christ on campus.
What does it take to transform a campus? It starts here.


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Saying, Doing, Being

Hoop Dreams When I was a kid, I was obsessed with basketball.  It was all I talked about.  I didn’t just talk about it, though.  I did it!  I played every day after school, every weekend and every spare moment…


A Romans 12 Vision for Unity

One of my co-workers has pointed out that I’ve caught the “unity bug”.  I caught it as a senior at Cornell University, sitting beside my Jewish friend along with 600 Christians and non-Christians in the arts quad for an inter-fellowship…


Will There Ever Be a Pope Thomas?

I love the evangelistic approach of Pope Francis in presenting the Gospel message in so many unique and refreshing ways.  The choosing of his name when he became Pope immediately suggested a new approach to the Papacy.  This may all…