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The Campus Renewal Magazine features stories about what God is doing on college campuses across the nation through the Body of Christ coming together in unity. Through these stories, we aim to encourage and inspire more people to participate in or start united movements of prayer and mission, to reach every student with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Churches Unite to Create Justice Matters in Kansas

Micah 6:8 implores God’s people to do three seemingly simple things:  do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God. Ben McConnell, director of the Lawrence, Kan., non-profit organization, Justice Matters, sees the Church as having varying degrees of success…

Campus-Wide Unity


Awakening East Coast Campuses

“Veritas Christo Ecclesiae (Truth for Christ and the Church)” ~Harvard University, 1636 “Lux et Veritas (Light and Truth)” ~Yale University, 1701 “Dei Sub Numine Viget (Under the Protection of God She Flourishes)” ~Princeton University, 1746 God has an inheritance for…

Missional Communities


Breaking Ground at Harvard

The full moon on the clear night backlit the red brick buildings with their white detailed inset windows. The bronze toe of Mr. Harvard’s large foot shone in the moonlight as I touched it and I prayed over him, this…

Beyond Campus


Missional Gathering at The Richards Group

Emma DeCaro is an alumnae of The University of Texas at Austin, who graduated in 2015 with a bachelors in Public Relations and Environmental Sustainability. During her four years at UT, Emma was heavily involved in Ignite, a camp to welcome…


Post-campus Campus Ministry

I thought I had grown out of campus ministry, thought I looked too “adult” now to casually walk into a dorm building or sit down among a group of freshmen and instantly make six new friends. I began to buy…


The Power of Perseverance and Presence

It’s funny.  You can’t make this up.  I just opened my computer to write this article on the power of perseverance and presence, when Facebook kindly congratulated me on 21 years of work for Campus Renewal.  It’s May 1st, and I…

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