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The Campus Renewal Magazine features stories about what God is doing on college campuses across the nation through the Body of Christ coming together in unity. Through these stories, we aim to encourage and inspire more people to participate in or start united movements of prayer and mission, to reach every student with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Preparing for Revival

The walk from MIT to Park Street Church, a beautiful old Boston church, requires the crossing of the Charles River. Beneath your footsteps on the bridge is engraved a poem by Henry Longfellow that begins: “Listen my children and you…

A Mighty Work

I testify that God is doing a mighty work here at UTD. In the last four years, I have witnessed the campus ministers consistently move toward collaboration, and constant steps toward united prayer be taken throughout the campus. Campus Ministry…

Campus-Wide Unity

A Whole New Level of Partnership

Every week students are coming to Christ at the University of Texas at Dallas!  The spiritual climate around campus has shifted this spring as if a warm, refreshing breeze had blown through to drive out the winter, and there is an excited…

A Romans 12 Vision for Unity

One of my co-workers has pointed out that I’ve caught the “unity bug”.  I caught it as a senior at Cornell University, sitting beside my Jewish friend along with 600 Christians and non-Christians in the arts quad for an inter-fellowship…

Missional Communities

Conversational vs. Scripted Evangelism

This semester I would like to compare and contrast the different styles of evangelism.  In so doing, I hope you can learn to understand and respect those who think and act differently than you and, more importantly, be challenged to…


Beautiful Feet

The Preparation One day in August, I eagerly answered a phone call from the youth minister for Gateway Community Church in Wylie – I had been looking forward to this call for quite a few iterations of phone- and text-tag….

Beyond Campus

How Do I Handle Hard Questions?

“I can’t worship a God that allows so much pain and suffering.” “I think Jesus was a great teacher, but I don’t think he resurrected after he died.” “How can you really believe that Jesus actually turned water into wine…

The Beauty of Creation

C.S. Lewis’ writings are, for most Christians, the most significant influence in their spiritual lives (second only to the Bible). His intellect, his wit, and his imagination have captivated both readers and thinkers, atheists and Christians, college grads and high school…

Church and Community

I grew up in church. I’ve always said I was born on a Friday and in church that Sunday. I love the church. Really, I do.  I see the full potential that God dreamed up in gathering people to be family. And really,…

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