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The Campus Renewal Magazine features stories about what God is doing on college campuses across the nation through the Body of Christ coming together in unity. Through these stories, we aim to encourage and inspire more people to participate in or start united movements of prayer and mission, to reach every student with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Current Events

Arise and Pray

The day after Easter, U ARISE launched forty days of prayer over Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas.  Our daily prayer spans the forty days that Christ resurrected until the day he ascended. The Bible tells us that He…

Campus-Wide Unity

United Movements Are Like Rivers

Rivers require two things: water and banks.  Without banks, rivers will turn into swamps. When banks get close, the water’s flow becomes more intense. Forming the Banks Two years ago, a group of audacious dreamers at Appalachian State University in…

Missional Communities

Lessons From Leading a Missional Community

I love missional communities. Not simply for theological reasons, but because of how they help cultivate spiritually healthy people. As I have taught and practiced missional community over the past year and a half, there have been three main ways…

Church vs. Parachurch

  I few weeks ago my blog entitled Stop Praying For Me generated quite a buzz that I hope led to meaninful conversations on the important subject of how to pray for the disabled.  This week I’d like to give some…

People or Projects

This semester I would like to compare and contrast the different styles of evangelism.  In so doing, I hope you can learn to understand and respect those who think and act differently than you and, more importantly, be challenged to…

Beyond Campus

Buildings and Bucks

This has been the most difficult and unrewarding eight months of ministry in my life. Personally, I have been referring to it as the season of “buildings and bucks” because I have been acting as more of a general contractor…

Prayer People vs. Word People

There is a mystery to the way prayer works.  Often the Biblical commands about prayer and the Biblical narratives about prayer seem to be at odds with one another.  Prayer often feels like a two-sided coin. This semester I would…

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