Humility is key to any successful partnership, whether one on one or with the multitude of ministries on a college campus.

Here are a few things I’ve learned are helpful when partnering to reach a whole campus.

Pray for the needs of others

Pray for the needs of those you are partnering with. You cannot pray for someone without coming to love them in some way. A heart of love is more easily moved to prefer another person over itself.

Praying for others needs is a genuine act of care for another’s well being which puts into practice valuing the things that matter to others instead of thinking only inward and focusing upon the end goals of one’s own heart.

Listen to the hearts of others

Give opportunity for others to speak and listen to their heart, you may hear what God wants to interject on a matter. Sometimes partnership can be filled with awkward silences while people wonder how their own opinions will be taken by others in the group.

The temptation may be to fill this silence out of fear. If individuals are not given the ability to take a step to bravely share what is on their heart we are missing an opportunity to help them flourish in the Lord. Perhaps another temptation will be to pridefully think we have all there is to say on a matter and monopolize the time given to work or pray together.

If we do this we may not allow others to voice something critical they may be sensing from God. This may cause them to think they are not valued, therefore questioning the validity of partnership in the first place

Partner for the sake of others

When casting vision, don’t just call people to a common plan, but call them to a common cause to which all are able to bring a piece of the puzzle to the table.

The true mark of a humble partnership will never diminish individuals, but will offer a plan that empowers them. Look for ways the partnership will help others flourish in their calling while still holding true to the vision.