On August 25th, forty to fifty campus ministers at the University of Texas will unite in prayer to kickoff the 2010 school year.  It’s the first of our weekly campus minister prayer gatherings, which I have led since 1997.  We have united in prayer every Wednesday for the last thirteen years.  In addition to answering many of our prayers for the campus, God has also accomplished something great in us as leaders.

We Have A More Complete Picture of Campus

Since we share praises and prayer requests with one another each week, we know a lot more about what God is doing on campus.  We know what events are taking place, what parts of the campus are being reached, what tools and strategies are working, where students are struggling, and so much more.  We have very clear picture of the Body of Christ and the impact we’re making on campus.

We Have A Vision Bigger Than Our Individual Ministries

Praying weekly with others reinforces our belief that God is doing much more on campus than just what we see in our individual campus ministries.   Our hearts and minds naturally dwell on the tasks and goals of our individual ministries, but getting together once a week gives us an opportunity to hear about what God is doing through other ministries.  It gives s the chance to dream and pray into something bigger than what we’re doing individually.

We Have Built Meaningful Relationships

Our relationships with one another have grown as a result of praying together every week.  Many of us meet together outside of prayer just to catch up, ask for advice, double date, or watch a UT football game.  These relationships have become more than working relationships.  They have become significant, life-long friendships.

We Have Identified Ways To Partner In Mission

Through prayer and conversation, we have been able to recognize each others’ strengths and weaknesses.   This understanding has often led us to collaborate on events, share resources, and connect students with one another.  Leaders are better able to recognize ways to partner because they know each other so well.