College campuses are great places to “people-watch.”  The best time to  people-watch is between classes when students pour out of their classrooms.  You can sit in one spot and within a ten minute period see thousands of students walk by.  More often than not these students are either listening to their iPods or texting, making them oblivious to their surroundings.  What if, as followers of Jesus, instead of using modern technology during these many short periods of walking, we used the time to watch those around us and pray?  If we abandoned our gadgets and used these breaks between classes to reconnect with God, I am sure at least four things would happen.

We Would Become Better Pray-ers

Prayer can be difficult.  It’s easy to run out of words, not knowing what to pray about next.  Prayerwalking, however, makes prayer easier.  You don’t have to search for what to pray.  You just pray for what you see and hear.  If you see some fraternity guys walk by, you know to pray for the Greeks on campus.  When you overhear students talking about the parties they attended, you confess the sins of students and pray for purity.  When you pass by the fine arts school, you pray for God to redeem artists and give them creative ways to bring God glory.  You don’t need a prayer list.  It’s right in front of you.

You Would Draw Closer to God

Let’s face it.  We’re busy, and our hearts are prone to wonder.  Even if we wake up early to spend time with God before classes, the grind of a long day can easily move our hearts and minds away from God.  If you developed a habit of praying between classes, you would connect with God throughout the day instead of just at the beginning or end of the day.  The repetition of prayerwalking would result in greater intimacy with God.

You Would See The Needs of Others

Too often we hurry from place to place, thinking only of what is next on our to do lists.  Our preoccupation with ourselves and our worries can consume our minds, making us unaware of the needs of others.  If you disciplined your mind and heart to focus on God and others as you walk between classes, you would be far less preoccupied.  You would be more prone to look people in the eyes, to greet strangers, and even start conversations.  Every day between classes, you walk by hundreds of souls.  You would be much more likely to see beyond the exterior if your are engaged in prayer while you walk by them.

You Will Be Reminded of Your Mission

God has a mission for us on campus.  He wants to use us to bring the hope of the gospel to our friends and classmates.  The people you see most every day while prayerwalking are almost certainly the people God is calling you to serve because they are the people who are part of your daily life.  They are in your classes, in your dorms, or in your extracurricular activities.  Prayer is where God reminds you of your calling to these people and even speaks to you, giving you specific things to say or do.  Prayerwalking will remind you of who you are called to be and with whom you are called to be.