5 Years ago, when UT’s Missional Community movement began at UT, one of the most difficult aspects of developing our training programs, was encouraging progression.  At the end of the day, Missional Communities differ from other outreach programs primarily because of their emphasis on building genuine relationships and living outside of manufactured Christian Culture. As a result, “pushing” for progress in genuine relationships feels uncomfortable…as if we are selling used cars and being disingenuous about our precious faith.

So, as leaders of a Missional Community movement, and teachers of MC curriculum, how were we supposed to challenge Christian students to maintain the integrity of their newfound relationships with people outside the church, and at the same time make strides in sharing the good news of Jesus intentionally?


We found our answer in a local church’s MC program.  Hill Country Bible Church at UT would regularly challenge their missional students to choose a “win” each week within their missional communities.  Sometimes this was as simple as committing to get to know one person in their community better over lunch.  Other times it was to challenge a new friend to consider some specific life or spiritual challenge.  The “win” was always something simple, practical, and measurable, and helped fill the gap of progression that often existed between beginning a Missional effort, and seeing it result in total transformation of an unchurched community.

So tell me, what is a measurable win for your missional efforts this week?