Your Mission, plus Momentum, Multiplication, and Management make up the essential components of ministry. Regardless of which of these areas you are strongest in, make sure you give adequate attention to each of them if you want to have a healthy, vibrant movement.

Momentum─Fueling the Movement

This is the enthusiasm factor in your ministry. In order to create a movement on your campus, you must purposely create a momentum that draws in a growing number of students. Many times your higher profile activities like weekly meetings, weekend retreats, or all campus events can be used to generate this image and feeling of anticipation that all students want to be part of.

The staff or student leaders need to understand the mood, needs, and schedule of a campus to adequately plan and carry out a momentum building strategy. A ministry doesn’t just happen to become fun, attractive, and relevant by accident, it takes a lot of prayer, planning, and delegation. Getting the right students in the right roles is essential to the beginning and sustaining of long term momentum. Identifying and recruiting a core group of student leaders who can band together to plan events, recruit others, and create an air of excitement on campus is the key.

Not only large group meetings and “campus events” create momentum, but retreats and conferences can too. You can build exciting, impactful momentum cycles around a retreat or conference because it gives everyone something to look forward to and recruit to. Normally following an event like this, you can see how God has moved in the hearts of different students. Your role now becomes helping each student (and the movement as a whole) jump to the next level of commitment; so don’t let those decisions grow cold because of your neglect. An increase in momentum has the potential to deepen student’s commitment that can then cycle around to produce an ever growing pool of new students recruited to your ministry.