Once you have established the mission of your movement this will determine what goals you set, what activities you engage in, and how you manage yourself and your ministry. Your Mission, plus Momentum, Multiplication, and Management make up the essential components of ministry. Regardless of which of these areas you are strongest in, make sure you give adequate attention to each of them if you want to have a healthy, vibrant movement.

Multiplication─Expanding the Movement

If momentum is the skin of your ministry, multiplication is the vital organs. If momentum is the front door to your movement, then multiplication is the factory inside, with the equipment and personnel busy building the product. The enthusiasm and added numbers that momentum creates needs to be directly funneled into a well planned multiplication strategy. Don’t allow your key leaders to be so consumed with the momentum activities that they don’t have the time and energy to give themselves to backbone and reason the ministry exists, evangelism and discipleship.

As soon as possible, new students to your momentum events need to have the opportunity to hear the gospel, plug into a small group, and get incorporated into your ministry’s growing family. This evangelism and small group leadership needs to be student owned and led. As the staff equips the student leaders, the multiplication chain can continue to a second, third, fourth generation, etc…with a goal of every student in your movement having a “Paul” as well as a “Timothy.”

The key to multiplication is spending time with your key people (i.e. doing ministry with students to students). Pour into the individuals you’ve selected from the growing pool of students who have gotten involved through your momentum efforts. Many Christian workers are not able to stay focused on multiplication because it requires a clear cut direction and plan, a patient commitment to the process, and time to build relationships. The bulk of your time and your energies must be invested here if you are going to see life long laborers for Christ raised up.