Last Friday, we had our first community night of the semester. It was really great meeting different people, who prayed at the CHOP and shared the same vision of seeing God transform this campus by fueling the 24/7 prayer movement.

Revival always starts on our knees, not our hands.

We had a brief discussion of what revival would look like on our campus:

  • Students loving on each other unconditionally, in Christ-like manner.
  • A generation of radical students rising and pledging their allegiance to Jesus.
  • People returning to their first love (Revelations 2).
  • The Truth no longer being considered as foolishness.
  • Social justice established.
  • Our campus changed from the inside out. Meaning, not only does transformation happen on the campus, but the movement would send students out of state and overseas, similar to a Student Volunteer Movement.
  • We would know that revival has come, only when other people tell us. We’d be busy seeking more of God, not knowing that this term, “revival,” which we’ve so eagerly been talking about has finally arrived.
  • There would be 24/7 prayer.

Along with this discussion, we watched a message by John Mulinde, who shared what the preparation of revival looked like. So what does the preparation of revival look like at UT?

1. Vision for revival

See what God wants to do and where He wants to go. Then, we position our hearts to follow Him.
Prayer: God, what do You want to do today? I submit myself to You and Your ways. I will go where You want me to go. I position my heart to follow You.

2. Willing to make a commitment

Assess the requirements. Ask God for revelations and ask Him for laborers to respond to the call.
Prayer: Let revival start with me, Lord. I will respond, even when no one else will. Pick me!

3. Willing to count the cost

A better question to ask yourself: what is the cost of not seeking revival? If we do not commit to God, what are we giving our campus to?
Prayer: Oh God, I tremble at the thought of compromising with this world. If we let go of this campus right now, what would happen to this campus? Increase our appetite for You, increase the reality of Jesus, increase the fear of the Lord within us.

4. Preparing the ground

Cultivating the ground of our personal lives, the ground of our surroundings, and the ground of spiritual realm. Galatians 6:7 “…for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” Does our life speak readiness to revival? Are we ready to take a stand?
Prayer: God, we put on Your full armor, so we can take our stand against the devil’s schemes. We stand firm, with the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, and fitting our feet with readiness that comes from the Gospel. [Adapted from Ephesians 6]