Although some take summer classes, many college students leave their campuses during the summer to get a taste of “the real world” by working as a summer intern in their career field. For some Christian students, it may seem like a summer internship isn’t a great opportunity to serve God in the same way as a summer mission trip.

However, God works through us wherever we are, and serving Christ as a summer intern is very similar to living God’s mission after college. While doing your work well is a great way to glorify God (Colossians 3:23), you can also serve Christ by thinking of yourself as a missionary during your internship in the secular workplace (or wherever you are!).

Reaching those around you

First, think about the people that God has placed around you this summer that He wants you to reach out to. They might be your co-workers, other interns in your company, or people you meet through some sort of leisure activity. Pick a defined people group to focus on based on who you interact with most often and who you are getting to know the best.

Then, look for other believers among that group of people. Partner with those believers and join together in reaching out to your community. Start praying for the unbelievers that you know, and expect God to do amazing things in their lives.

Invest time in others

Throughout the summer, spend a lot of time with unbelievers in your people group. Hang out with them, get to know them, and let them get to know you. Become their friend and earn their trust. Serve them. Love them. Show them who Jesus is.

As you get to know people, have conversations about spiritual things. Ask questions about their spiritual background, tell the story of what God has done in your life, and share the Gospel: the Good News that Jesus died for them so they might live in Him.

Many of your new friends will be curious about Jesus. Meet with anyone who is interested and study the Bible together. You might be surprised to find that someone who would never step into a Church may love sitting down with you and some other friends to discuss Scripture.

Some of your friends may even make a decision to follow Jesus. That’s great! Teach them to obey his commands, and send them out and reach another people group with the love of Jesus.

Just do it!

As you can see, just because you aren’t going overseas this summer doesn’t mean God can’t use you in incredible ways. Take a minute now to think about where God has placed you this summer. Who can you impact with the love of Christ? How can you carry the name of Jesus among your friends or co-workers? Got it? Now don’t just think about it; go out and do it!

This post was based on principles from the Spark Course by Campus Renewal Ministries. Check out the free online course for more information on how to live like a missionary among the people you interact with every day!