thats-all-folks-7172-1280x800This will be my final blog post for Campus Renewal Ministries. I have worked as an intern for CRM for the past two years, and have loved my time with the organization—I would like to say thank you to CRM and thank you to you, dear reader, for your patient following and feedback during the time I have blogged for the Reaching Campus site. For comments, concerns, or bad jokes to put in the first paragraph of all your blogs, email me at

Short and Sweet

I say this every week, but this time I’m really going to keep this one short. It doesn’t do to sign off with a monologue. During both this series of blog posts and my previous series, The Gospel Rants, I have made many references to prayer. I’ve described it as the most important aspect of a believer’s life, with regards to missionality. At the end of every post, I’ve included a short prayer, to give the reader exposure to the way that I pray personally.

But that doesn’t make it any easier for you, reader, to actually pray. So let’s discuss the two biggest roadblocks in my heart to prayer—I think they’ll be reasons that surprise you.

#1: Cold Feet

In some ways, I’m just terrified of commitment. Whenever I consider prayer, fear is always a challenge I have to overcome—and why? It’s because I’m putting all my eggs in God’s basket rather than my own. I remember this thought actually floating through my head a few months ago: But if I devote all this time to prayer, and nothing happens, won’t I look like a fool?

Fear is a big reason why people don’t pray. My response to this is simple: Don’t be afraid. Revivals have happened through prayer; nothing has happened through lack of prayer. Don’t fear your prayer—rather, fear your lack of prayer!

#2: Cold Faith

Look again at the thought that I had a couple months ago: ‘But if I devote all this time to prayer, and nothing happens, won’t I look like a fool?’ What kind of faith do you think is demonstrated in this statement? Faith that saves, or faith that falters?

Another reason why people don’t pray is because they don’t believe their prayers are powerful. So I challenge you: Take God’s dare and pray, then see what happens. And don’t forget to look! So many times in my own life, God answers a prayer of mine, and I just go about my day without really stopping to give Him the worship He deserves. If you haven’t already, start praying for big things, and give Him thanks when they happen.

That’s All, Folks!

Thank you again for your readership. God bless you, and don’t forget to write!

Lord, I thank You so much for Your mercy and Your love. I pray for faith to come to Austin—Lord, glorify Your name in the way that we long to pray to You. I pray that we would have the courage that we need in order to rise above our fears and pursue You with everything. Please humble us, give us greater love for You, and please show us the power of our prayers through Your Spirit. Thank You so much for the time I have spent with CRM and for these blogs—may You bless them both. In Jesus’ Name,