EvangelismI am in my fourth year here at Missouri State as the director of the Baptist Student Union. Each year, I have had to monotonously fill out state reports that would require me to list the number of salvations or baptisms. This year, the state has improved their reporting by rewording certain questions of which were difficult to measure.

One of the questions that really hit home for me was “How many spiritual conversations have you had this month”. This was my first month filling out this report. Many questions came out of that question. What does a “spiritual conversation” mean? If we are discipling a believer, isn’t that a spiritual conversation?

Probing further, I realized that a “spiritual conversation” according to the state was a conversation that got to the point where a student believed or rejected Christ. Why was this question so challenging? I realized that all the gospel conversations that I found myself in, I never got to this point. I never asked!

This has only led me to hunger and thirst for sharing the gospel in such a way to actually ask someone if they want to embark in a relationship with Jesus! I know, not challenging for some of you who have successfully seen hundreds of students come to know Christ. I’m a slow learner I guess.

Here is what I have learned through my evangelistic efforts…

Tips for Effective Evangelism

Evangelism requires prayer

  • Without prayer, evangelism is just a conversational “arm-bar”. How can we be used by the Lord if the Lord hasn’t been invited?!

Share with anyone and everyone

  • Once again, a no-brainer. However, I found that I would limit myself to only those who I thought were non-believers when in reality, I will never know their true heart condition. Therefore, even Christians are in my radar.

Invite people into your community

  • I am blessed to be surrounded by people who have molded and shaped who I am today! If I want to make an impact on the lost, I need to allow my community to lead out where I am weak.

Knowing Jesus is enough

  • You have a story that is irrefutable!  Share it!  I have a Masters in Theological Studies, but proof is only evident in a changed life.

There is no fear in love (1 John 4:18)

  • This was a hard reality. Could the reason why I fear evangelism is because I do not love?  Hmmmm…

 Chris-and-ChristenChris Wilson is the director of the Baptist Student Union on the campus of Missouri State.  After traveling in a traveling ministry called No Longer Quiet for 11 years, the Lord brought him back to his old alumni where he was first discipled.  He has a passion for discipleship, missional living, and the church.  More info at http://www.springfieldbsu.org