The Overflow

Halleluia! We have twelve days left to pray on SMU campus to complete our 40 days of prayer. It’s been such a beautiful experience to stand in the center of the campus and praise and worship the Lord while students walk by on their way to class. When you know the Lord has called you to something as daunting as 40 days of prayer there is such an anticipation of what He has planned. We knew that we knew we were called. We also knew He would use this time on campus for His glory. And He has.

For those who are looking for large crowds or big numbers, our prayer campaign on campus may appear to be underwhelming. Many days, there have only been two of us near the flagpole at noon to praise, worship and pray for an hour. However, the Lord is doing a deeper work than meets the eye. He has been saturating the campus with His love, joy and peace. We feel His pleasure every day as we stand as faithful witnesses in the center of campus and revel in Him.

Prayer and it’s Effects

So, first of all, this prayer time has changed us. It has deepened our resolve to walk by faith and not by sight.

We have learned to lean on the Lord for our joy. To be strong in the power of His might. And to walk out this pray journey with patience. Taking our eyes off of what we see, we have learned to see past our natural sight to the supernatural ways the Lord is at work on campus.

Second of all, we are walking in an overflow of God’s anointing. There is an overflow of prayer and anointing coming from us that is so palpable, we have people approaching us for prayer – on campus and off. Each of us has exciting stories to share how the Lord has healed, restored and brought revelation into situations we could not have known.

Prayer Shows His Love for Us

Finally, we have learned to rest in the Lord’s finished work. This ministry and these students are His. He loves them so much more than we ever could. We are learning to rest in His perfect timing and His perfect ways. Only He knows all He wants to do in us and through us to help the students He brings us.

Please pray for us as we wrap up these last twelve days. We are asking the Lord to saturate the entire campus with His Holy Spirit for His glory. May the Lord bless you and refresh you this summer as you prepare to minister in the fall of 2014!

As a busy ad agency owner and advertising professional, Vicki Garza heard the Lord call her to volunteer to serve the unborn and their parents in late 2008. She joined the Board of the Downtown Pregnancy Center in January 2009 and became the Chairperson of the Sub-Committee to start the Uptown Women’s Center, where graduate students and young professionals could come for answers concerning their physical, emotional and spiritual needs:

In 2012, she co-founded U ARISE with her 23-year old niece, Kate. U ARISE is an educational non-profit created to promote spiritual health and wellness on high school and college campuses. In Fall 2013, U ARISE hosted ARISE AND PRAY, a 40-Day Prayer Initiative calling the nation to pray for the health and wellness of college students across the country:

Vicki is an avid reader and enjoys writing, presenting and public speaking. In her spare time, she looks forward to special moments with the Lord in Bible study and prayer and enjoys helping others. She has five children and 12 grandchildren and has been happily married to Paco, her high school sweetheart, for 36 years.