Historic Old Testament Scroll

On February 5, a live streaming event during the 2016 Purdue University Symposium will display a historic Old Testament scroll for the first time. The scroll, measuring about ninety-two feet long, was a gift donated to Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance for the purpose of illustrating the reliability of these ancient writings.

Ratio Christi is an international campus ministry which exists to encourage and strengthen the faith of Christian students and faculty through the use of intellectual investigation and apologetics. With these sources of evidence for biblical truth, Ratio Christi students and leaders also share Christ’s message and love with those who have yet to receive it.

The Book that Changed the World

The Symposium theme this year is “The Book that Changed the World.” It will take place February 5-7, 2016 at Purdue in West Lafayette, Indiana. The live streaming event will be Friday evening, February 5, from 7 to 9:30 pm Eastern Time at the Elliott Hall of Music and is open to the public.

The Friday night live stream will include keynote speaker and Evangelical Theological Society President, Dr. Daniel B. Wallace with the main lecture: “How Badly Has the Bible Been Corrupted?” Most people are unaware of the extreme historical reliability of the Bible. Its reliability is incomparably greater than any other ancient literature, and the main lecture will expand on ways to prove that reliability.

Dr. Corey Miller, President and CEO of Ratio Christi says Ratio Christi will utilize the scroll in apologetics presentations across the country.

“The Purdue Symposium involves dozens of campus ministries and churches, and this evening will be live streamed into more than 150 campus chapters of Ratio Christi,” said Miller.

For more information about the Purdue Symposium visit the Ratio Christi website at ratiochristi.org.


*Note: The Symposium which occurred on February 5th has now passed. You can contact Ratio Christi at their website above for more details from the event.


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