Re-Ignition: CDOP Event at Regent

Slowing Down

Lately, I have been feeling like I am slowing down, getting caught in the grind of schoolwork and ministry. The fire within me has grown low, and I am just trying to make it through each day. But God is stirring within me, and He is stirring in our campuses! He is more than stirring; He is pursuing our universities with relentless passion and love. February 25 marked a historic day with the annual National Collegiate Day of Prayer. Universities, cities, and prayer groups came together to pray for our college campuses across the nation. In the Virginia Tidewater region, hundreds of students gathered at Regent University to pray and intercede for God to move radically on our college campuses. The air was thick with God’s presence. However, I entered into the Regent University Chapel with a heavy heart, weighed down and burnt out from schoolwork, ministry, and my own insecurity. But God had bigger plans.

Praying for Revival

He drew me in with kindness and love. I spent the first twenty minutes sitting quietly, desperately asking Him to move in my heart again. He lifted my eyes to the Cross- to His victory, and He restored hope in my heart throughout the night. I shifted my gaze to our King and the work He was doing. College students from all across the Virginia Tidewater, from Norfolk to Virginia Beach to Newport News to Williamsburg, gathered and asked God to move in our region and our nation. United, we prayed for evangelism, for prayer and worship, and for our King to be made famous at our schools, believing He will carry out the work He started.

Renewing Fire

I left Regent University with renewed fire in my heart. I do not have much to give, but our simple yes is all He asks for. I returned to my school with my friends ready to say yes again, ready to simply come before God in prayer and worship. We returned seeking His face, praying He would draw near to us to bring revival to our campuses and our regions and our nation and to the nations across the earth. We discussed ways to gather and act upon this conviction in our hearts.

Next Steps

For our next steps, we have a desire to gather in unity that Jesus prayed for in John 17, and to bring Him praise, interceding for peers and professors at our universities. Our humble acts of praise and worship and prayer, our simple yes to God’s plan, will nurture an environment ready for revival. As God took my own doubt and insecurity and turned them around into faith and courage, He will keep His promises and finish the good work He has started on our college campuses.


10460866_10152733109708645_3521593596136039629_oJeremy is a senior at the College of William & Mary. He is passionate about music, food, and people, and he is committed to seeing Jesus made famous on the college campus.

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