In the world of college campuses, it is so easy to categorize Christian groups as clubs — separate — each doing its own thing and not worrying about what others are doing. However, the Gospel is best represented through the love we, as believers, express for one another and, in turn, the world.
“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

Intervarsity and Agape Unite for Worship

Usually on Friday nights, there are two large group gatherings on campus, Agape Christian Fellowship and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IV). Agape meets in one hall, while IV meets about 200 feet away. But, on February 26th, these two groups worshipped in one room.
There were stations for prayer and intercession as both worship teams led together. We felt the pure power of the spirit of God rest upon us, and we truly experienced Him with abandon and freedom. A freshman student also shared a spoken word piece about her journey of faith, of seeking to know God on a more complex level. As a diverse group of people, each who He created us to be, we poured out our hearts to Him.

What We’ve Learned About Unity

There have been many efforts to strengthen the greater Christian community at the College of William and Mary. All throughout this school year, my friends and I have discussed unity and how we want to do more than come together for events. We united through simply forming friendships across different ministries, leading to amazing things.

However, unity, as a form of worship, can become an idol. We don’t want to meet together for the sake of meeting — we want to meet to bring glory to our Father so others will see the Body of Christ.

Campus Ignite

Earlier this month, about a dozen students sat in a dorm lounge and worshipped. Campus Ignite, a previously dormant group on campus, was starting up again. Andrew McDade, the supervisor for Campus Ignite, and Jeremy Kim, a senior in Agape, led the charge to reestablish this space. We prayed, worshipped, and shared honest, vulnerable discussion and requests.
The goal of Campus Ignite is to cut the noise and distraction in our lives to fully worship God, as well as share life with one another. We specifically come together to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus and intercede on behalf of our campus, but together in unity.

His Children Who Know Each Other

We are seeing that the Church can be so much more than individual organizations–it can truly be a family that acts according to the love and mercy of Christ. We have a God, an ever-loving Father, who adopts us as children into His family and brings us together in ways we couldn’t fathom. As His children, we are brothers and sisters and coheirs. It is only natural for us to know one another, to join together in the explicit joy of Salvation.
In Hebrews 10:25, Paul says to “not cease to gather together.” God call us to not only be His children, but to also be in relationship with one another. We are the Church, His bride, His beloved, His righteousness. When we actively appreciate the value God has placed in each of us, when we interact with one another, His loving character shows and transforms us and everyone around us.
chikamsoChikamso is a sophomore at the College of William and Mary. She is involved in campus ministry and also plays a part in united worship and prayer gatherings on campus.