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There is a problem.


of Christian teens are choosing to no longer follow Jesus their first year of college.

Not only are so many Christian freshman failing to connect to faith communities, but they are also missing the opportunity to be transforming agents on their campus. A huge opportunity for laborers in the harvest is missed every year in the most influential people group in our nation.

We have a solution.

Campus Renewal, in cooperation with national college ministries and church denominations, is creating an online search tool called Campus Ministry Link. This will directly connect graduating high school students to college ministries on any campus in the nation!

How it works

How connection changed Black Rock Church

Black Rock Church in Fairfield, CT used to experience the typical 70% loss as their students were graduating. 

“Last year I had all of my high school students participate…All were greatly challenged to be spiritually ready for college. Most were blown away by the idea that their first 72 hours at college were the most important in staying strong in their faith. As they have started college, they say that much of what they learned was true about their first days at college. Many of them were plugged into campus ministries quickly because of this. The result? All of our graduates continued in their faith!”

-Jeremy Taylor, HS Director, Black Rock Community Church, CT 

What you can do now:

Though the site launch is not until late Spring of 2017, you can act now to spread the word about Campus Ministry Link. Select the button below that best applies to you!

Ministry Leaders & Churches: We Need Your Help.

The real success of Campus Ministry Link relies on the participation of as many campus ministries and churches reaching out to college students as possible. Many major para-church ministries and denominations are already partnered with us in this process, but if you are not sure if your ministry is in the system, please contact us using this form!

We want to add churches to the site who have a demonstrated history of serving a particular campus and the ministries there.  If you believe this applies, please fill out the online application for our review.

Also, if you are networked with any other campus ministry staff workers locally or around the nation, please forward this page to them so they are not left out!

Click the link below to fill out a brief application to list your ministry or church on Campus Ministry Link.

Participating national ministries include:

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Parents and Pastors: Equip your students!

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  • It is crucial for you to be a part of the process! Start to talk and pray with your student about how important it is to find a faith community in college.
  • Even if your child is not yet a senior, you can begin searching for schools and connecting with campus ministry staff.
  • Read our magazine article about how to avoid crippling student loan debt.
  • Find more resources at

Pastors / Youth Pastors

  • Share this page with parents, students and other pastors.
  • Consider having a youth and/or parent discussion night at your church.
  • If your church has a history of serving your local campus as well, contact Campus Renewal to be considered for addition on the site, so that parents and students from around the country will find your church as a possible college ministry home.
  • Download the CML Media Kit to present to your church.

Want to promote Campus Ministry Link to your church?

Students: Get Ready!

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High school Students

  • Check out the videos and links on this site
  • Encourage your friends in church how great the college experience can be united with other believers on campus.
  • Read our magazine article about how to avoid crippling student loan debt.

College Students

Share this website with your home church pastor, and develop Fall strategies to engage the increased number of freshman your ministry will now have by the start of school.

For more information:

Contact John Decker, director of Campus Ministry Link:


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