Our Strategies

Campus Renewal has developed 4 distinct ways in which we can work in partnership towards transformation.



  • We believe everything starts here. Together we sow the seeds of revival for the campus and connect with the heart of God. This involves gathering students and campus ministry leaders in weekly prayer and encouraging campuses to start a 24/7 house of prayer.


  • These united prayer and outreach events have a powerful impact on the campus. We call them ‘catalytic’ because of the spiritual movement that sparks out of them. Examples of these include All Campus Worship, Rez Week and One Cry. Find out more.


  • We train and coach students to reach out to their peers in areas where the live, study or play. Using the Spark Course, we hope to create effective, relational ministry that transforms lives and then multiplies to every people group on campus.


  • We want to see the entire campus covered with the Gospel! We take end-of-year surveys from each ministry and compare them to data from the university to see how God is moving on a campus from year to year. This data equips ministry leaders to be more effective and gauges the spiritual climate of a campus.

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